A nutritionist told me about the root cause of failure when dieting

Диетолог рассказала об основной причине срыва во время диеты

Nutritionist Svetlana FUS called the root cause of failure when dieting.

According to her, most often to lose weight drop those who are on a low calorie diet and therefore malnourished. The details of proper nutrition expert said on his page on Instagram, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to facenews.ua.

“Often breakdowns occur in those who are on a low calorie diet, in other words — are malnourished. The body lacks nutrients, and it seeks to compensate for the deficiency. For example, a week people, as a model rabbit chewing on some lettuce, and on the eighth day with the roar of the tiger pounces on the meat and cakes. Or solve day to sit on the yogurt, but closer to night does not stand up and empties the fridge. Therefore, to sustain the diet until the end, you need to eat to not feel hunger,” said FUS.

Nutritionists in one voice say that during weight loss you need to carefully monitor your diet and choose a menu that will suit you in terms of calories. When we diet and restrict your diet, you lose mostly muscle and water and get a lean body. When we drop the weight through proper nutrition, the body begins to get rid of their strategic reserves, as the threat of hunger there.

The first step to losing weight — the choice of products. In your daily menu give preference to seasonal vegetables, fruits and berries, fresh herbs, milk and dairy products without additives and with a small shelf life, cereals, long cooking.

Called porridge, preventing to lose weight

Do not cram the night, but don’t go to bed on an empty stomach. About an hour before bedtime drink a glass of yogurt, tea with lemon balm or mint. If you’re hungry, eat raw carrots, cucumber, celery, green Apple or a piece of cheese. And don’t forget to snack between meals. 8-10% of calories from your daily diet should consist of a light meal.

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