A number of products that can improve memory and brain function

Ряд продуктов, которые могут улучшить память и работу мозга

Doctors told what foods are good for the brain.

Experts from the University of Illinois concluded that people who consume large amounts of foods with lutein, show neural activity characteristic of a younger age. In favor of this conclusion are the results of the conducted experiment, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to podrobnosti.ua.

The test was attended by 60 people at the age from 25 to 45 years, who were divided into two groups. One of them, the people received food with a high content of lutein found in green leafy vegetables, spinach and cabbage, and an avocado and eggs. In another, participants adhered to their usual diet.

When at the final stage of the experiment, the volunteers were tested for cognitive activity, it was found that the group who consumed foods with lutein, neuronal responses of the adult participants was manifested at the level comparable with younger subjects, not with their peers.

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It turned out that on the background of a diet with a high content of lutein in humans has become more intensive process of transmission of signals between nerve cells, which positively affected the quality of their cognitive functions. In particular, they are in the best shape were the temporal cortex of the brain. Scientists postulated that after the age of 65 products with lutein are necessary for human health maintenance of the brain.

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