A new way to fight COVID-19 – an ostrich egg mask

A new way to combat COVID-19 - ostrich egg mask

Japan has come up with a new way to fight the coronavirus. A special mask was created from ostrich eggs. It shows particles of the virus exhaled by a person. To see them, an ultraviolet lamp is enough.

A scientist from Kyoto University Yasuhiro Tsukamoto came up with a miracle mask together with his team. Ostrich eggs were chosen for their volume.

The technology is simple – females are injected with inactive particles of COVID-19. These particles end up in the yolk of the egg. From there, antibodies are extracted, which are used to create diagnostic masks.

Japanese experts are confident that their invention will make a breakthrough in the diagnosis and treatment of coronavirus. This test is much faster than PCR diagnostics. And it allows you to identify asymptomatic carriers, writes WION.

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