A new TV studio “Mifal hapais” has started its work

 The new TV studio

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Broadcast draws of "Lotto" will be conducted from the new Mifal hapais studio. The first live broadcast will take place on Tuesday, January 18 at 11:15 pm on Channel 13.

in Tel Aviv, was inaugurated earlier in the week. The event was attended by the General Director of «Mifal Ha-Pais» attorney Beni Dreyfus, his marketing assistant Zvika Philips and the new Circulation Leads – Yarden Harel, Noah Rozin and Ido Greenberg.

The studio has been built to the highest technological standards. Among other things, it has a huge 8K LED screen with almost 30 million pixels. It promotes maximum design flexibility: within minutes, it creates a new environment in the studio. This studio is maximally adapted to the ultra-modern visual concept of the “Metaverse”.

The decision to part with the old studio was made a year ago. Despite the recognizability and nostalgic value, the old studio severely limited both the production possibilities and the visual component of the broadcast editions. The decisive consideration was the need for a space that would meet the dynamic concept of broadcasting, based on new technologies for filming and video production. The work went on for about two months, during which time the print runs were broadcast from the backup studio.

The first festive broadcast from the new studio will take place on Tuesday, January 18, at 23:15, on Channel 13, on the official website and in the Mifal Hapais app. Starting Wednesday, January 19, all Mifal hapais daily draws will be will be broadcast from the new studio.

Mifal Hapais CEO Lawyer Beni Dreyfus congratulated his marketing department on their hard professional work when opening the studio:

“You have built a studio that rivals Israel's best broadcast venues in terms of both creative dynamics and technology . In recent years, “Mifal ha-pais” made a huge leap in everything that concerns innovation. On the one hand, large resources were invested, the possibilities of technology were used, but on the other hand – approaches, thinking, creative developments have changed. These changes, of course, should be visible to everyone.

In the photo from left to right against the backdrop of the new studio: Vice President of Mifal hapais; Marketing Director Zvika Philips, Ido Greenberg, Yarden Harel, Noah Rozin and CEO of Mifal Hapais lawyer Beni Dreyfus.

Photo: Iki Maimon

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