A new threat to humanity: the melting of glaciers in the Arctic will cause pandemics

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 A new threat to humanity: the melting of glaciers in the Arctic will cause pandemics

The next pandemic may come from the Arctic. Global warming could release viruses that are frozen in Arctic glaciers, according to a study published in The Royal Society magazine. around.

Researchers have been trying to identify the viruses that reside there by sequencing the detected DNA and RNA.

“Due to the flow of water from melting glaciers, the risk is increasing. This is due to climate change. The Arctic could be fertile ground for new pandemics,” the study says.

Earlier studies have shown that melting glaciers can shed a variety of pathogens, parasites, and viruses that can end up in animals and humans, which in turn will lead to new pandemics.

Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have figured out how global warming can affect the world. It turned out that this will bring us not only climate change, but also a number of other more serious problems. In glaciers that have already begun to melt, scientists have discovered about a thousand unknown bacteria, they can cause new diseases and even epidemics.

North and South Poles by spraying sulfur dioxide to stop the melting of glaciers. However, the plan is rather controversial, as spraying sulfur dioxide would release millions of tons of carbon dioxide.

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