A new subspecies of Omicron is already in Israel: what is known about it

 New Omicron subspecies already in Israel: what is known about it

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A new subspecies of the Omicron strain, called BA2, has been discovered in Israel. Yesterday, 20 were reported infected with this subspecies.

At the moment, this subspecies is known to have more mutations than Omicron, which has 32 mutations.

No information on the extent it is not infectious yet. Scientists suggest that the BA2 subspecies may be more contagious due to more mutations.

The danger posed by the new subvariant is still unclear, and the coronavirus control headquarters of the Ministry of Health clarified that there is no evidence that BA2 behaves differently than Omicron.

BA2 was first seen in China a few weeks ago and is believed to have originated in India. It has also been observed in Denmark, Australia, Canada and Singapore.

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