A new mysterious state of emergency in the Carpathians: “do not get in touch with the week”

Новое таинственное ЧП в Карпатах: «не выходят на связь неделю»

In the Carpathians, which recently found a lost skier, was PE

There was a missing tourist with a six year old daughter.

Mother and daughter, who went on holiday in Yaremche (Ivano-Frankivsk region), not to get in touch with the family from 9 January.

About missing relatives to the police in Khmelnytskyi region reported a resident yarmolynets’kyi rayon. The Carpathians had left her daughter and granddaughter.

As reported by the police in Khmelnytskyi region, the disappearance is under investigation.

Новое таинственное ЧП в Карпатах: «не выходят на связь неделю»

Recall, the Kiev tourist Igor Grishchenko more than 4 days, roamed the Carpathian mountains, until he came to a Forester’s hut. There’s a tourist and was able to wait for chrezvychainym that saved him.

“Lust for life, a family, a child. Two cold night was. Digging hands into snow holes to escape. Danced every 15 minutes. It’s a horror, it is horror and very scary, because you don’t know what will happen next,” — said Grishchenko, how he managed to escape.

Новое таинственное ЧП в Карпатах: «не выходят на связь неделю»

The corpse of the Ukrainian footballer found in Moscow: “spent 15 days”, details

Doctors assessed his condition as satisfactory, despite the frostbite of fingers and toes.

Igor Grishchenko 34 years, he trained and experienced extreme sportsman, coach in skiing and President of the Association of extreme sports. In Kiev, a man trained other athletes.

Note, the Internet has published an interactive map, on which are marked the houses in the mountains in the Ukrainian Carpathians. This card should help lost tourists shelter from the weather or just wait for the rescuers and to keep warm.

Новое таинственное ЧП в Карпатах: «не выходят на связь неделю»

The map shows all the huts, tourist huts and shelters in the Carpathians, where you can stay the night. Red indicates the places where the huts were, but it burned down or was destroyed.

This map is useful for tourists, or skiers who are planning a holiday in the mountains.

We will remind, the popular ski resort were covered by avalanche, has died.

We also wrote, an avalanche was suddenly covered with people in the Russian Federation, the bodies found in the snow.

As reported Politeka, travelers trapped in avalanches, there is a victim.

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