A new Japanese missile was eliminated during the first launch

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 New Japanese missile destroyed during first launch

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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA launched an H3 rocket, but controllers were forced to destroy it during takeoff after the second stage engines failed to ignite, according to Gizmodo.

After the separation of the first stage, ground controllers reported that they could not confirm the start of the second stage engine. They then decided to activate the missile's abort system, stating “there is no way to complete the mission.” as a result of self-destruction. JAXA has announced that it is investigating.

This is the second attempt to launch H3. On February 17, JAXA was preparing to launch. However, then the rocket did not take off into the air – the main engine started, but the solid fuel boosters failed.

The ten-year-old H3 is touted as Japan's next flagship rocket as part of the country's plan to “have permanent access to space.” The rocket project, which is the result of a collaboration between JAXA and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, was approved in 2013. The missile is modular and can offer four different configurations today, with more in the future.

The program is years behind schedule as a result of development delays. The plan is to launch six H3 missions annually over the next 20 years, with a target launch price of approximately $38 million. This should appeal to both public and private clients.

JAXA also hopes to use the rocket as a means of delivering payloads to the Moon, including components that will later make up the planned Gateway lunar space station.

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