A new hairstyle Ivanka trump ridiculed in the network

Нову зачіску Іванки Трамп висміяли в мережі

Ivanka Trump
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The daughter of the leader of the United States had a barrage of criticism for the fact that she got highlights. Users called it the new old-fashioned way.

The daughter of the President of the United States Donald trump Ivanka was criticized online for that old-fashioned colored hair.

38-year-old entrepreneur attended an event of the women’s Global Development Prosperity Initiative at the U.S. Department of State. The one that came with a new hair color. Her hair was dyed according to the technique of highlighting, when the individual strands are covered.

Internet users are very surprised hairstyle Ivanka trump. A new image of the daughter of the 45th head of the White house online called old-fashioned, saying that such did in 2000-ies.

Нову зачіску Іванки Трамп висміяли в мережі

Нову зачіску Іванки Трамп висміяли в мережі

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