A new diet is gaining momentum: what to eat healthy people

Новая диета набирает обороты: что едят здоровые люди

New diet, which will present as “the food of a healthy person” is popular in the West, but is already gaining momentum across the planet

Edition of the Washington Post told about a new diet, which is now rapidly gaining popularity. This diet is known as “pagan” — this name is derived from the words “paleo” and “vegan”.

It is easy to see that the new diet combines the principles of two well-known types of food, paleodiet and vegan. The main principle of the diet “pagan” – a large number of plant foods and healthy fats.

Новая диета набирает обороты: что едят здоровые люди

“Up to 75% of the diet according to the “pagan” are colored vegetables and fruits. This is useful for the heart and is the source necessary for the body amount of fiber to 35 grams a day,” — said the expert, commenting on the new diet.

Also in the diet “pagan” required to use is considered to be oily fish. In addition, you need to eat flax oil or seed, nuts, avocados, olives and olive oil. All these products are suppliers of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. This type of fats helps maintain healthy cell membranes and facilitates the relationship between neurons, thus protecting from neurodegenerative processes.

As “pagan” combines with the vegan diet “paleo” (also known as the caveman diet), is allowed a certain amount of saturated fats, sources of which may be farm meat, plain, and melted butter.

New diet “pagan” forbids eating sugar — it should be replaced by berries. In addition to his forbidden foods with unnatural components, artificial dyes, sweeteners and other chemicals.

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Even the diet excludes wheat and other gluten-containing cereals and grains and also consider it necessary to refuse to the extent possible, from dairy products.

Новая диета набирает обороты: что едят здоровые люди

But the abstention from cereals and milk are the experts in their reviews about the new diet did not approve: according to them, healthy people don’t have to restrict your diet only useful in the presence of certain diseases and recommendations of doctors.

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