A new diamond in the collection of the ANU Museum

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 A new diamond in the ANU museum collection

A year ago, the ANU Museum received an amazing and unique gift, which this year, on the 75th anniversary of the tragic death of Solomon Mikhoels, took pride of place in the permanent exhibition.

Last year from Dusseldorf to Tel Aviv, a posthumous portrait of Solomon Mikhoels by Mendel Gorshman came to the Museum from a private collection. It was personally brought by Tanya Rubinstein-Horowitz, who kept this drawing for many years, and donated it to ANU.

Tanya Rubinstein-Horowitz lives in Düsseldorf and is fluent in German, English, Russian and Hebrew, which is not surprising for a person who collects art. Tanya is a hereditary collector – her grandfather Yakov Rubinshtein – creator of one of the most outstanding private art collections of the 20th century. “I grew up in a house where there were paintings everywhere, where all the conversation revolved around paintings, artists, art in general. I – the same child whose grandfather gave paintings instead of toys for his birthday.

 A new diamond in the ANU museum collection

Drawing Mendel Gorshman lay in the folder for a long time. It is difficult to exhibit a portrait painted by an artist right at the time of farewell to a great man on the stage of the Moscow State Jewish Theater headed by him. Because this is not just a portrait painted by a talented artist, it is a testament, a historical memory.

Solomon Mikhoels, the great actor and director, head of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, was assassinated in Minsk in 1948 on Stalin's orders. His death was framed as an accident – truck hit. Documents about the Mikhoels case, opened after Stalin's death, showed all the cynicism and brutality of the authorities, who killed a man and gave him a magnificent funeral.

“I realized that this work should be in a museum. It is symbolic that Mikhoels was popular and famous during his lifetime, his death shocked everyone, and now his image will hang in the museum. May his memory be – Tanya says.

Since its opening, the theatrical exposition of the Museum has been adorned with the mantle and wig of King Lear, who was played on the stage of the Jewish theater by Solomon Mikhoels.
Now on the third floor of the Museum you can see a drawing by Mendel Gorshman, which has taken an important place in the permanent exhibition.

 A new diamond in the collection of the ANU Museum

Especially for the Museum guides, Dr. anti-Semitism of the late Stalinist era in general, which will help guides working in Hebrew, Russian and other languages ​​to cover this topic deeply and interestingly, talking about the new exhibit in the exposition.

The Museum of the Jewish People of the ANU is happy to accept such a gift and thanks to Tanya Rubinstein-Horowitz, who became the representative of Düsseldorf in the community of Russian-speaking friends of the museum.

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