A new clinic for the LGBT community opened in Jerusalem

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 New LGBT clinic opened in Jerusalem

A new clinic for the LGBTQ+ community has been opened in Jerusalem.

According to the Jerusalem Post, a clinic was opened at the Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance on the occasion of the five-year anniversary of the death of singer and activist Amir Frischer Gutman, who fought for LGBT rights.

The opening ceremony of the clinic took place with the participation of the Minister of Labour, Welfare and Human Services Meir Cohen.

“More than a year ago we decided to strengthen services for the LGBTQ+ community across the country. I am glad to see that these services have begun to operate and help the community,” the minister said.

LGBTQ+ couples and families will be able to receive free therapy at the clinic , support in the process of becoming parents, including surrogacy, legal con advice on creating a family and much more

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