A mysterious creature washed ashore in Australia

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A mysterious creature washed ashore in Australia

Opinions of commentators about the creature diverged.

In Australia, in the state of Queensland, a mysterious brown creature was carried to the beach of the resort town of Yeppun, Chronicle reports .info with a link to TSN.

The corresponding photos are published in the Australian Native Animals Facebook group.

The picture shows a jelly-like brown creature, which, according to users, looks like a liver from the outside .

& # 171; A friend posted on her & # 171; Facebook & # 187; and asked if anyone knew what it was. Says that it looked like a jelly-like creature & # 187; – wrote the author of the publication.

Some commentators suggested that the girl took a picture of Crambione mastigophora – a tomato jellyfish, safe for humans, but smells bad. Others thought it was too dark, but one of the users joked that it was just burnt in the sun.

Someone else suggested that it could be & # 171; the devil's wallet & # 187;, or the shell of an egg capsule sharks.

Australia a mysterious creature washed ashore

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