A multimedia spectacle at the Hermitage Saint-Antoine

Un spectacle multimédia à l'Ermitage Saint-Antoine

In may 2019, the visitors of the Hermitage Saint-Antoine, Lac-Bouchette, will be able to explore a whole new product. The building of the Scala Santa, the oldest building in the place of pilgrimage, is currently the subject of a makeover in order to welcome the spring, a multimedia show of international calibre.

The redesign of the building and the creation of the show named Origin require an investment of $ 3.1 million. This envelope includes$ 900,000 from the provincial government coffers, aid announced by the ex-prime minister Philippe Couillard last year. Add to that $ 1.4 million from Canada economic Development (CED) and 135 000$ from the coffers of the regional county municipality of Domaine-du-Roy. The Hermitage also contributes to the project to the tune of$ 650,000. To do this, a fundraising campaign has been launched. To this day, nearly half of the sum has been collected.

Un spectacle multimédia à l'Ermitage Saint-Antoine

The building of the Scala Santa of the Hermitage Saint-Antoine, Lac-Bouchette, will be converted into a theatre mutlimédia.


As explained by the director general of the Hermitage Saint-Antoine, François Lavoie, the implantation of the show within the walls of the Scala Santa, the pilgrims, joined once by climbing the stairs on his knees, aims to renew the tourism offer and is aimed primarily at attracting groups.

“The backstory of the show is the interaction between humans, animals, and knowledge. Everything is spiritual. It has nothing to do with religion. Saint-François, the father of the capuchins, was very close to the ecology. The relationship between man and the environment is very important,” says the director.

Un spectacle multimédia à l'Ermitage Saint-Antoine


The show will be able to accommodate up to 50 people and will last for about twenty minutes. It is a Quebec-based company that won the contract for the multimedia component, which occupies about 60 percent of the show, ” continues François Lavoie, adding that this project aligns perfectly with the mission of the hermitage. The ribbon marking the official inauguration of the pavilion, where visitors will be able to live an immersive experience of the original, will be cut on 17 may 2019. Although advanced technology will be used, the original architecture of the building will be preserved.

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