A military plane crashed on a high-rise building in Yeysk

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 A military plane crashed onto a high-rise building in Yeysk

In the Russian Yeysk, Krasnodar Territory, the plane crashed into residential buildings. Judging by the footage, a large-scale fire broke out after that. Emergency services and paramedics are on the scene. According to preliminary data, the crashed plane turned out to be a Su-34 with ammunition. Ammunition began to detonate

Russian media reports that technical problems occurred during a training flight , resulting in a military aircraft crashing into a nine-story building. According to the governor, 17 apartments were damaged. The Russian Defense Ministry reported that the Su-34 was taking off from a military airfield in the southern military district. According to preliminary data, at least one person died, three more, including a child, were hospitalized in serious condition.

reports at least 10 casualties.

According to preliminary data, the cause of the crash was the ignition of one of the engines during takeoff. The crew managed to eject.

According to Yeysk emergency services, the area of ​​fire is 2,000 square meters.

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