A military helicopter crashed in the disputed territory: first details of the tragedy

Вертолет с военными потерпел крушение на спорной территории: первые подробности трагедии

The wreck on Board the Mi-8 has suffered 23 human

A large crash occurred in the disputed territories, in which the peacekeepers try to settle the conflict, the Mi-8 helicopter of the air force was wrecked with the soldiers inside. February 10, representatives of the Interim force, UN security reported details on the Facebook page.

A helicopter with the military, acting under the auspices of the UN, was flying from the Sudanese city of Kadugli to Abyei, located near Ethiopia. During landing, the vehicle fell and crashed. As seen in the photo, Mi-8 rammed containers and structures on the basis of the United Nations.

Вертолет с военными потерпел крушение на спорной территории: первые подробности трагедии

According to the speakers, of the 23 people on Board, three were killed in the crash. 10 more participants of the incident were injured. Now wounded, three of them are in a hospital in Kadugli. Physicians reported on the critical condition of the victims.

Acting head of mission, use of force and Force commander major-General Gebre of Adhana Valdengo said that his subordinates are investigating the cause of the helicopter crash. “We are deeply saddened by what happened today. We Express our condolences to the families of those killed in the crash, ” said the soldier.

In General, the number of victims of the accident could be much greater. However, staff use of force responded quickly to the situation and had time to help injured passengers of the helicopter. And also carried out the evacuation.

Вертолет с военными потерпел крушение на спорной территории: первые подробности трагедии

Abyei voted the African territory with a special status. She was the cause of the dispute between North and South Sudan. Currently the area holds and the government. Ethiopian peacekeepers with the support of the UN trying to prevent the escalation of the conflict.

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Earlier, the crash occurred in Venezuela. Russian military Mi-35 helicopter crashed during a training exercise. 5 people were injured. They were taken to the hospital, they were diagnosed with multiple injuries, including traumatic brain and soft tissues.

As it became known to local media reports, the helicopter crashed during military exercises in the state of Cojedes in the North of Venezuela. The pilots practiced response to a possible “attack by the United States.” The official authorities did not comment on the incident and chose to ignore the causes of the disaster.

We will remind, the helicopter crashed on the way to the American hospital in Ohio: no one survived.

As reported Politeka, Russian fighter jets crashed after colliding in the far East.

Also Politeka wrote about a tragedy that occurred with the Ukrainian sailor in the Baltic sea.

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