A medical check that will help you not to lose a prestigious job

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 A medical check that will help you not lose a prestigious job

Do you have a prestigious job? Are you afraid of losing her? Get a Hepatitis C Test Urgently!

An interesting and well-paid job – one of the values ​​of Western society. Both the family structure and peace of mind depend on how successfully a person advances in the service. Only here often people refuse medical examinations, citing lack of time. Like, I have no time to be distracted by trifles, my competitors are breathing down my neck.

Meanwhile, just such behavior is fraught with troubles, including the loss of a job.

Uri P. was considered in all respects a successful guy. He immigrated to Israel as a boy. Uri very quickly adapted to the new environment, got used to the new name (formerly his name was Yuri) and felt great everywhere. He served in the special forces of the IDF, quickly graduated from college and was hired by a company for the development of night vision devices, which carried out orders from the defense department. In general, everything went well.

But at one far from perfect moment, he suddenly began to limp. Colleagues sympathetically asked: where did you fall, how did you hit? Uri tried to avoid questioning. The truth was that he did not fall, and did not hit, and the limp came from no one knows where. Further more – the legs suddenly began to swell, ulcers appeared. I still had to turn to medicine. After going through a whole range of examinations that took a lot of time and effort, he received a diagnosis that had never occurred to him: complications of hepatitis C, embodied in inflammation of the vessels. And this at the age of 33!
Nevertheless, the diagnosis seemed strange to the guy. Where did he, who spent his entire adult life in Israel, get such a disease? The interrogated parents with prejudice said that in infancy, while still in Russia, he underwent a blood transfusion procedure. Apparently, then he was infected.
Then another ethical problem arose. “I can't tell my boss that I have hepatitis. They'll think that I'm some kind of drug addict and injected on the sly…'

'Tell me that you've been diagnosed with a rare vascular disease,' my parents advised. But you need to be treated. Otherwise, you can lose everything, including a prestigious job.

This is a case from the practice of hepatologist Vera Dreyzin. Over the years of work as the head of the polyclinic for liver diseases at the Wolfson Hospital she met a lot of stories that fall out of the usual ideas about the disease.

– In today's age of globalization, we all heard about hepatitis and its possible complications, up to liver cirrhosis and cancer. Vascular disorders – is this something new?
– Indeed, we are faced with amazing cases of hepatitis C manifestations. The fact is that this is a systemic disease, and no one knows at what point which of the links in our body's system will fail under the influence of the virus. There are a number of non-hepatic complications that experts associate with the development of hepatitis C in the human body. There are also studies that support a link between this disease and serious illnesses such as heart attack and stroke.

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– But for how long there has been talk about the need for preventive checks for hepatitis. It would seem that all those thousands of “ticking bombs”, carriers of hepatitis in Israel, should have heard and taken action…
– Unfortunately, the number of newly infected people is still greater than the number of people recovering. Persons who underwent any procedures related to blood transfusion in Israel before 1992 or much later in the countries of the former USSR may be infected and transmit the virus to other people. So it's better to check. And you can always explain to your superiors that you need to heal now. By the way, in Israel this approach is perceived normally.
– And how did the story with Uri end?
– He, fortunately, turned out to have a rather mild form of hepatitis C. He underwent a two-month course of treatment and is now completely healthy, continues build a career.

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