A massive tentacle of plasma is torn off from the Sun

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 A massive tentacle of plasma broke away from the Sun

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A large tentacle of plasma erupted from the sun, reportedly creating a “polar vortex,” writes LiveScience. The action took about 8 hours.

“Material from the northern prominence has just broken away from the main filament and is now circulating in a massive polar vortex around our star's north pole,” tweeted Dr. Tamita Skov, researcher Aerospace Corporation in California. "Implications for understanding the dynamics of the Sun's atmosphere above 55° it's impossible to overestimate here!”.

The report says that the plasma created a loop called a “prominence” after a flare from the sun. It is stated that the strange aspect of this phenomenon in this situation is that the prominence broke apart and remained in the air for several hours.

Such phenomena appear more and more often as 11- the summer cycle of solar activity reaches solar maximum, during which the Sun is at its peak of magnetic activity. The upcoming solar maximum is predicted to begin in 2025, which explains why solar activity has been more frequent in recent months.

Phenomena such as “prominences” do not pose a threat to the Earth itself, although fast-moving masses of plasma emitted by the sun can damage satellites, cause power grid failures, and cause multicolored auroras to be visible at much lower latitudes than usual.

Fortunately, none of this happened due to solar activity on February 2.

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