A man's fingers can tell the length of his penis

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 A man's fingers show the length of his penis

Surprisingly, scientists have actually found a correlation between finger length and male penis size.

published a study after which we took a different look at our fingers— more respectful, right? After all, as it turned out, the fingers of a man are able to tell the whole world about the size of his erect penis— let's not be afraid of this word—

Scientists Choi, Kim, Yang and Yoon measured the length of men's fingers and the length of their penises in an erect state for several months, until they came to the following conclusion: the shorter your index finger in relation to the ring finger, the your penis is longer. This means that it is more likely that a girl, when you undress, will exclaim admiringly to herself: “Well, wow!” on the fetus in the prenatal stage. High levels of testosterone in the womb stimulate the growth of both the penis and the ring finger.

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