A man stabbed a 13-year-old girl in Odesa: “my niece brought a friend”

Мужчина зарезал 13-летнюю девочку под Одессой: "племянница привела подружку"

In one of the villages in the Liman region of Odessa region was killed by a minor girl

In the regional head office of national police reported that to the local resident night ran to a neighbor girl. She said: her uncle strangling girlfriend.

After a call to the police on the scene immediately left the police officers who found the man with a cut hand, and next — they killed 13-year-old resident of the same village.

It turned out that the dead girl’s parents were at work so she decided to sleep over at his girlfriend of the same age.

Мужчина зарезал 13-летнюю девочку под Одессой: "племянница привела подружку"

“In the house, except the girls, was also the 44-year-old uncle of a friend. Suddenly, he burst into the room to the children, lashed out at his visitor, and began to choke. Niece tried to protect her, but uncle pushed her off, and then the child ran to the neighbors”, — told in a Central Board of police.

Experts were able to establish that the girl’s death was caused by stab wounds to the neck. After committing the murder, the attacker cut his veins on both arms, most likely for suicide. However, he was able to save.

Мужчина зарезал 13-летнюю девочку под Одессой: "племянница привела подружку"

The bridge collapsed in the capital: “all motion is stopped until Saturday”, photo
The incident

At the moment the malefactor is detained as article 208 Criminally-the procedural code of Ukraine. In respect of self-inflicted wounds, he was taken to hospital where he is under police escort.Upon the death of the girl initiated criminal proceedings under part 2 St. 115 (premeditated murder) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. For the offense he faces ten to fifteen years of imprisonment, but it is possible and life imprisonment.

It was also reported that died from influenza very young child in Zaporozhye.

This was announced by head of the Department of influenza and SARS Centre for public health, Ministry of health Oksana Artemchuk.

Мужчина зарезал 13-летнюю девочку под Одессой: "племянница привела подружку"

“Tonight, we obtained data on infant death in Zaporozhye, the child was a month and a half. Laboratory confirmed influenza. Also, a man from Zhitomir old age,” said Artemchuk.

According to the Ministry of health of Ukraine, since the beginning of the epidemic season, i.e. from October, was 19 deaths.

It was also reported that the network has new information about the number of Ukrainians who died in the crash of a cargo vessel in the Black sea.

In addition, recall that new information about a terrible emergency in the Russian Magnitogorsk.

Even Politeka wrote that the chances of rescue of miners trapped underground, is no more. This statement was made Governor of the Perm edge Maxim Reshetnikov, commenting on the incident at the mine “Uralkali” in Solikamsk.

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