A man lured two seventh-graders into a sauna and abused them

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 A man lured two seventh-graders into a sauna and abused them< /p>

Two young girls said that the father of their school friends lured them into the sauna and abused them. This was reported by REN TV.

One day a man called one of the seventh-graders and suggested that she and her friend go to the sauna where his children allegedly were. When the seventh-graders arrived at the place, they did not see their friends there. The Russian gave them alcohol to drink, which already contained an unknown drug, and after a while the girls no longer understood what was happening. Then the man took advantage of their helpless state and tried to rape one of them. However, for unknown reasons, the rapist failed to abuse the schoolgirl, and he “switched” On the second victim.

After that, the man called the girls a taxi and threatened to kill them if they made the incident public. A few days later, the rapist again contacted one of the schoolgirls and offered her money in exchange for silence. Then the girl told her mother about everything, and the parents of the seventh graders reported the crime to the police.

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