A man found mosquitoes with numbers: conspiracy theorists are sure that these are spy drones

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 A man found mosquitoes with numbers: conspiracy theorists are sure they are spy drones

A viral video showing mosquitoes with body numbers has attracted a lot of attention from conspiracy theorists who believe the government is using them for espionage.

The recent theory by conspiracy theorists that pigeons are actually government-created spy robots is a thing of the past. Now, many of them are sure they will be spied on by government-created mosquito spies.

The bizarre theory was revealed by TikTok blogger Liam Dixon. In the clip, which has been viewed over 3.5 million times, it shows a viral video of a man claiming to have found a mosquito with the mysterious number 38 printed on its back. Dixon reveals that the same anonymous man found another numbered mosquito some time later. The video, of course, spawned conspiracy theories.

Some people claim that this guy is raising mosquitoes for scientific experiments, so he numbered them to keep track. However, others stick to the theory that — they are small robots designed to spy on people.

Ten years ago, an image was published claiming that the insect is used as a spy drone and can take pictures and take DNA samples.

Website Snopes, which routinely checks for urban legends and fake news, has determined that while the image does not show a spy mosquito, it does show an insect-shaped urban spy drone already in production by the US government that has a remote controls, camera and microphone. The drone can even land on a person and either take a DNA sample or leave a tracking device on the skin.

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