A man complained about a reduction in penis after COVID

Man complained about penis reduction after COVID

A 30-year-old US resident, who wished to remain anonymous, complained that after he had been ill with the coronavirus, his penis had shrunk. The “ losses '', he said, were 4 centimeters.

According to The Sun, the man was ill with COVID in July 2021. After that, he had problems with erection, but over time everything returned to normal.

However, the American noticed that the length of his penis changed: “ Before the illness, my size was not huge, but it was definitely more than usual. And now I’ve lost about four centimeters and my penis is smaller than average. ”

The doctors explained that this could actually happen. Among the reasons, doctors indicated scarring of tissue during the period of erectile dysfunction and impaired blood flow due to the penetration of infection into the cells of the vessels of the genital organ.

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