A list of the most dangerous drinks

Составлен список наиболее опасных напитков

Most of these drinks people use almost daily, unaware of the harm your body.

Experts have compiled a list of the most dangerous drinks, which includes tea, coffee, soup and mulled wine. But we should not hurry, and to stop these drinks as unhealthy, they are just in very hot conditions. Effects of regular consumption of too hot drinks can be the development of systematic inflammatory process in the mucosa of the esophagus. The latter is fraught with the occurrence of cancer.

No less a danger to the delicate mucosa of the present cold drinks, which are ice and ice cream, as they are also harmful to health.

In addition, it is necessary to exclude from the diet sodas, which have a negative impact on all the organs. Most damage is caused by sweet drinks because it leads to the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


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