A list of products that reduces the pressure at home

Список продуктов, снижающих давление в домашних условиях

These products stabilize and reduce blood pressure.

According to the testimony of people who have come to inspect the products, reducing blood pressure, “assistant doctor” in stabilizing blood pressure, in their opinion, are beets, carrots, celery, garlic, black currant and hibiscus tea, according to the Chronicle.info with reference on Voice.

Lowers blood pressure beets, which can be consumed in any form. Really proven that beet juice lowers blood pressure. Of course, very few people like to press the juice out of fresh beets, it is easier and tastier to cook different dishes from boiled and roasted beets. Goes well in the summer cold beet soup, and salad with baked beets.

Proven by British scientists that lowers blood pressure celery. Four stalks of celery a day can lower blood pressure by 10-15%. In summer you can prepare a cold soup with celery and peas, as well as lemonade celery with cranberries.

Also tested for yourself that carrot and tomato juice reduce blood pressure. Carrot is highly beneficial effect on the pressure, but carrot juice is necessary to mix with the cream, otherwise it is not digested. Of carrots you can cook all sorts of salads, salads and even steaks.

Also reduces blood pressure in hypertensive patients garlic, and is a scientifically proven fact. Grated carrots with garlic and sour cream or mayonnaise is not only useful but also very tasty.

In the list of foods that lower blood pressure got black currant. For hypertensive patients is the most necessary medicine. So in the season of this fruit should definitely mash the black currants with the sugar and spread out along the banks for the winter.

As for hibiscus tea, saying that it really is quite a dangerous drink, because hot it increases the pressure, and the cold lowers. The main thing — not to confuse. Agree, this is a good alternative to soda in the summer heat.

Called diet helps in combating depression

In General, hypertensive patients should eat more vegetables and fish, less salt and animal fats, these recommendations have not been canceled.

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