A Letter to Parents: Drugs at a School in the Hasharon District

Letter to parents: drugs at school in Hasharon district

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The authorities of a secondary school in the city of Hasharon sent an unusual letter to the parents of students, in which they reported an increase in drug use among students. In the letter, management warned against the use of both prescription marijuana and the free drug.

“The use of drugs like marijuana is already common for students of all grades,” the administration explained in the letter.
< br /> “We know that opioid-type pain relievers are also used. They look like prescription pills and can be swallowed or inhaled. The phenomenon of drug use is not new, but like other phenomena, the period of coronavirus isolation only made the picture worse. ”

They say at school that drug use has become the same problem as alcohol.
Data on marijuana use among adolescents is unknown, but an estimated 50% of adolescents have used marijuana at least once, and the impact on young children can be serious.

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