A lawsuit was filed against the Ichilov clinic: a medical error caused damage to the patient

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 A lawsuit was filed against the Ichilov clinic: a medical error caused damage to the patient

A 29-year-old young man, a diving instructor, was taken to the Ichilov hospital after he had an accident on his motorcycle. in Tel Aviv, where a misdiagnosed type of shoulder dislocation caused him permanent orthopedic damage, according to a NIS 2.5 million lawsuit that was recently filed against the hospital. .

It all started about two and a half years ago. While riding a motorcycle, a young man had an accident and received multiple injuries. From the scene of the accident, he was taken to the Ichilov hospital, where he was diagnosed with superficial abrasions of the body, a fracture of the right patella and dislocation right shoulder.

The lawsuit alleges that the doctors misdiagnosed the dislocation of the shoulder as anterior, and therefore the reduction of the shoulder was carried out incorrectly and destructively. After that, the young man was hospitalized for a week in the orthopedic department for knee surgery and was subsequently discharged for outpatient observation.

According to the lawsuit filed by lawyers Ran Shapira and Rotem Zioni, due to misdiagnosis and treatment, the plaintiff suffered from severe shoulder pain. Six weeks later, during which the pain did not subside, the young man turned to the orthopedic department of the Ichilov clinic, where he underwent X-rays and tomography. Studies have shown that he has a dislocation of the right shoulder of the posterior type. The man was hospitalized again, this time for surgery to repair a posterior shoulder dislocation.

Shoulder dislocation — this is an injury in which the humerus comes out of the joint. About 95% of shoulder dislocations occur anteriorly, so that the humerus protrudes forward from the joint. With a dislocation of the posterior type, which happens much less frequently, the bone is displaced backwards.

The incorrect diagnosis of the doctors caused a significant delay in the rehabilitation of the injured shoulder, as a result of which the young man received irreversible damage. According to the plaintiff, despite the surgery, he continues to suffer from severe pain and has not yet been able to recover.

“The treatment the plaintiff received at the Ichilov Hospital was deemed 'too minor and too late', and left him with severe mobility limitations, marked shoulder movement impairment, pain, and a noticeable scar,” — lawyers wrote in the lawsuit, adding that despite the time that has passed since the injury, the young man has still not been able to return to his job as a scuba diving instructor, and the physical therapy and medication prescribed for him have not helped, and he continues to suffer from severe pain and functional limitations.

The lawsuit was accompanied by a medical opinion from an orthopedic surgeon stating that the hospital's conduct in treating the young man was extremely negligent, and, in fact, it was the cause of his injury.

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