A huge flaming meteorite fell on the town: video from witnesses

Огромный пылающий метеорит упал на город: видео от очевидцев

Venezuela was hit by a meteor

A falling meteorite, which, blazing, rushed at great speed, was noticed by local residents.

The heavenly body was seen in three States in the country, and it saw the capital’s residents. After the meteorite fell and started the fire – lit grass on the field.

Огромный пылающий метеорит упал на город: видео от очевидцев

As previously reported, only one week to Cuba fell two of the meteorite. The fall of a celestial body caused a huge stir and excitement among Cubans living nearby. Some of them saw the pillar of smoke and felt strong vibrations in houses. Fortunately, nobody has suffered, destructions.

Scientists have already managed to explore the composition of the meteorite: its fragments are composed of silicate, iron, Nickel and magnesium.

We also wrote that it became aware of the flyby of the Earth a big astroid 2003 SD220. This boulder the size of a city array. She crashed into our planet. So close to the astroid, we haven’t flew.

American astronomers could take pictures of the dangerous celestial body. It’s funny that the outline on the image, the asteroid is similar in shape to the hippopotamus.

Asteroid 2003 SD220 revolves around the Sun between Venus and Earth. He had a low speed again for 12 days. In addition, the astroid is an unusual elongated shape with a length of about 1.6 kilometers.

This was the closest approach of asteroid 2003 SD220 to the Ground for more than 400 years — about 7.34 lunar distances (2.81 million km) from Earth. Even closer to the Behemoth fly up to the Earth not earlier than in 2070.

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Images were taken using the 70-meter antenna at NASA Goldstone complex of the Deep Space Communications in California, the 100-meter Green Bank telescope, the 305-meter antenna of Virginia and the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.

It was also reported that NASA captured on video by the rotation of the asteroid Bennu, which, according to astronomers, is a serious threat to our planet.

Огромный пылающий метеорит упал на город: видео от очевидцев

To capture a full rotation of the asteroid turned out due to the interplanetary station OSIRIS-Rex, which is used to deliver soil samples from the surface of the space object. In two years, the craft has logged more than 2 billion miles.

NASA said that the station will continue the study of Bennu during the year, then take samples from its surface. On the Ground, the apparatus must back in September 2023.

Bennu is an asteroid the size of 500 meters. According to experts, it is as close to the earth in the year 2182. 2013 Bannu is the main potentially hazardous to Earth of a space object.

Recall that in the yard of a Ukrainian flew a meteorite: “almost burned everything.”

As reported Politeka a ball of fire in the sky scared the people of New Zealand.

Also Politeka wrote that scientists found part of a fallen meteorite.

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