A hateful inscription appeared on the house of the late father of Minister Levin

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 A hateful inscription appeared on the house of Minister Levin's late father

Police have launched an investigation into graffiti on the house of the Minister of Justice's father in Modi'in. "Unknown Artists" “Levin is an enemy of the people” was spray-painted on the wall.

enemy of the people,” is written on the wall of a house in Modiin. The police launched an investigation into the case.

Minister of Culture and Sports Miki Zohar condemned the incident. “This serious hate speech is the result of an organized campaign of incitement aimed at something to sow hatred against us and the expected change. Inciting and lying that our democracy is in danger is a ploy designed to deceive the public. The reform will be completed.

The opposition also condemned this move. “I have a deep disagreement with the Minister of Justice Levin about the administrative revolution he is promoting, and I will do my best to prevent him from carrying out his plan which will cause mortal harm to democracy”, — said the chairman of "Mahane Mamlahti" Benny Ganz. – "But even when the house is on fire, limits must be set. I condemn graffiti. illegal".

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