A hardware procedure that will get rid of bags under the eyes in two sessions

A hardware procedure that will get rid of bags under the eyes in two sessions

A hardware procedure that removes bags under the eyes in two sessions at the Dr. Sharon Ayalon Beauty Center.

Bags under the eyes can appear after 30, and sometimes even earlier, and, alas, it is so difficult to get rid of them. They make the look tired, and the face less fresh. The beauty center of Dr. Sharon Ayalon offers a highly effective hardware procedure for getting rid of bags under the eyes using the Endolift apparatus. You may not have heard of this method yet, as not all doctors working in the beauty industry are proficient in this technique.

“We carry out this procedure painlessly,” says Sharon Ayalon, “and its advantage is that it takes only one or two procedures to completely get rid of bags under the eyes. For many, this technique solves the problem of bags under the eyes once and for all. One of its added benefits is that it is not expensive.

Endolift is a laser procedure for skin tightening, collagen production and, if necessary, targeted removal of excess fat. The laser device is very powerful, because its use is allowed only to specialists in aesthetic medicine.

The laser dissolves excess fat. fat in hernias under the eyes, its effect accelerates the metabolism in cells and the production of collagen. So after one, less often & ndash; two procedures, bags under the eyes go away, and the skin is tightened. Recovery after the procedure is quite quick and easy.

Dr. Sharon Ayalon is the owner of the Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine in Modi'in, a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a degree in dentistry, a master of neurobiology, a senior physician in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and a graduate of a number of trainings on Medical Aesthetics of the Face and Neck. in Israel and abroad.

By the beginning of 2022, Dr.- We have developed complexes of procedures for a noticeable restoration of the most problematic parts of the face & ndash; the area around the eyes and the oval of the face, another of our programs significantly improves the condition of the hair and their density.

Our advantage is that we can combine several devices in one procedure for maximum effect for our clients. We do not offer procedures, we offer results, ”says Sharon Ayalon.

Clinic of aesthetic medicine Dr. Sharon Ayalon & ndash; it is a center of aesthetics with a maximum beauty menu: here they will recommend you exactly the procedure or combinations of procedures that will bring a noticeable effect, and not those that are in the list of services.

The clinic uses the most modern laser, radio frequency and other hardware systems, as well as fillers and injectables that allow you to eliminate imperfections in appearance in the shortest possible time. Aesthetic medicine today offers a solution to a huge number of problems: getting rid of age spots and excess hair, scars, rejuvenating threads, shaping a clear contour of the face and figure, getting rid of cellulite, losing weight, injections, peeling, lifting, and much more.
< br /> Call the clinic, and you will be assigned a free consultation, at which the doctor will look at you with a professional look, and together with you will decide what needs to be changed so that you love yourself even more, & ndash; phone number 03-3741710, for speaking in Russian 050-7188467

Address: st. Lea Amno, 1 (Moriah Center), Modiin.

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