A great sorrow has happened in the family of the famous scientist: “baby found under the Windows”

Большое горе случилось в семье известного политолога: "малыша нашли под окнами"

The son of renowned scientist has befallen: the son died under mysterious circumstances

This information is confirmed by law enforcement authorities, which inspect the incident for the presence of structure of the crime provided by article “Causing death on imprudence”.

It is reported that the tragedy with the son of a famous scientist, happened yesterday, March 4.

Большое горе случилось в семье известного политолога: "малыша нашли под окнами"

It is known that yesterday in the Big Cheremushkinsky street (South-West of Moscow) was tragically killed 2-year-old son of the famous Russian scientist Kirill Rogov. According to media reports, the boy was asleep on the balcony in the stroller — it was a traditional ritual usually in the care of a nanny who fixed the baby seat belts

At this moment another son was engaged with a teacher of music. Babysitter in order not to distract the baby at the time decided to cover the balcony door, and 2-year-old child in this moment somehow managed to free herself from the straps and fell from the 5th floor.

The child on the ground found a student who was returning home. He carried the baby to the nearest office building, but to save him failed. It is noted that from his injuries 2-year-old son of political analyst Kirill Rogov died at the scene of the incident.

About the incident the family said the police, after emergency help is needed the nurse — she had a psychotic break.

Большое горе случилось в семье известного политолога: "малыша нашли под окнами"

Previously, we reported about the tragedy that happened in Kiev. Reduced expense life resident of Kiev, who jumped out the window of the 10th floor. The incident happened in the capital of Ukraine on the prospect of Vladimir Mayakovsky, 40 about ten o’clock. 31-year-old man took his own life.

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It is reported that at first, the family experienced violent conflict. In the apartment, loud cursing, and then the man started fighting with my parents. It managed to calm and bring to life. However, it took a minute, skyrocketed to the window, opened it and jumped out.

Recall that the guy fell from the window of high-rise buildings in Kiev.

As reported Politeka in the Ukrainian capital, cases of disappearance of minors, mostly girls.

Also Politeka wrote that the child jumped out of the window: again the “Blue whale”.

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