A girl rented a plane for a vagrant dog to take her to Australia

The girl rented a plane for a vagrant dog to take it to Australia

Natasha Corbin has booked a private jet to take a vagrant dog from New Zealand to Australia. She fell in love with the mongrel dog when she lived and worked in Bali.

The girl had been trying to take Munchkin to Australia for six years.

Natasha Corbin and her husband David Danes had to live in New Zealand for a while for the dog to be allowed to travel to Australia.

International pet quarantine restrictions have made it easier for the dog to travel to Australia from New Zealand, not Indonesia so the couple moved there.

The girl decided to rent a private jet. The price is between $ 40,000 and $ 45,000, so Ms. Corbin reached out to the Sunshine Coast community to find travelers who would also like to get a seat on the plane. She did this to compensate for expenses. The money was collected.

But, the dog was bitten by a tick during transit through Singapore. It was only after she was deemed non-infectious that she received an official permit to enter the country.

And COVID-19 made it even more difficult to find a private jet.

& quot; .. She needs a dog from New Zealand via Auckland, and flights from the North Island are not considered a green zone. Flights from the South Island of New Zealand directly to Queensland are largely canceled, and there are very few of them, she explained.

Due to quarantine restrictions between New Zealand's North Island and Queensland, Mr. Deines will be quarantined over Christmas and Munchkin will not be able to fly on a commercial flight until January next year.

weight. Corbing spoke with 11 people from New Zealand to find out who could arrange a flight to Brisbane on short notice.

She is now looking forward to receiving an import certificate for Munchkin, writes abc.

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