A girl as a “blonde” for a sexagenarian

Une fillette comme «blonde» pour un sexagénaire

Carol Pelletier, 61-year-old, comes forward, relying on his cane. The man comes to admit to the court that for three years, he has used a child as a sexual partner.

Pelletier has met Noémie*, 9 years, in July 2015 to Shawinigan. The child lives with his mother and his younger sister in the dwelling next door to Pelletier. The family of Noémie lives in poverty. The father of the girls lifted the sails.

A relationship of friendship is woven rapidly. Noémie is going to take her meals at Carol Pelletier and spends his evenings with him. The man buys him clothes and done his washing.

Four months after the meeting, Carol Pelletier key Noémie for the first time.

The child is naked in his bed. He fondles her pussy during long minutes.

Over a period of months, the sexual contacts are repeated from acts of mutual masturbation, fellatio, cunnilingus, until the sexual relationship to be complete.

Carol Pelletier has admitted a dozen sexual relations with penetration. Some with a partial penetration, there to clarify.

No contact

In 2016, a report is made to the Direction de la protection de la jeunesse (DPJ). A hearing will be held in November, and, on 5 April 2017, a prohibition of contact between Pelletier and Noémie is issued by the court.

According to our information, the DYP did not notify the police of the situation at this time.

During the same period, the mother of Noémie moved his family in Lotbinière. She asks Carol Pelletier to join them. It is neither more nor less than a provider for the family and tell the police that he considers Eileen “as his girlfriend”.

The relationship between the child and the sexagenarian continues, despite the ban on contact.

According to the lawsuit, the mother is fully aware of the actions of Carol Pelletier.

She will herself extend her daughter in the parking lot of a feed mill or in a field of potatoes where Pelletier comes to seek it. The last sexual relationship between Eileen and Carol Pelletier has been held in the house of the mother.

Touching video

The relationship will only cease in April 2018, thanks to the intervention of the young sister of Noémie.

One morning, the child is filming with a cell phone Pelletier trying to touch the crotch of his sister, now 12 years old.

These images will be handed over to the Sûreté du Québec. A police investigation begins and Pelletier is soon arrested.

The man, with no history of sex crimes, has chosen Thursday to plead guilty to charges of sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching.

After hearing the story, the judge Mario Tremblay has asked the representative of the public ministry if the mother of Noémie had also been accused. “A police investigation is ongoing,” replied Me Mélanie Dufour.

Carol Pelletier has agreed to submit to an evaluation sexological. He will return to court in January for the stage of representations on the sentence and remains free until then. The man is assigned to the home 24 hours on 24, except to meet with his lawyer.

* First name fictitious

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