A friend of Prince Harry, Nacho Figueras: It was badly damaged and wants a normal life

Друг принца Гарри Начо Фигерас: Он сильно пострадал и хочет нормальной жизни

A friend of Prince Harry, Nacho Figueras: It was badly damaged and wants a normal life
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Photo: instagram.com/nachofigueras.

Star Polo player explained the reason Mesita.

An old friend of Prince Harry, the Argentine athlete Nacho Figueras, who is called “David Beckham of Polo,” said Duke Sussexsexy “badly damaged” and moved to Canada to “protect” Meghan Markle and son Archie. In a special edition of “Good morning America” on ABC Figueres said that a few days ago discussed Meget with the Duke of Sussex.

– I talked to Harry a few days ago, said the Polo player. – He suffered greatly from what happened to him. He wants to live a normal life.

While Figueres is sure that Assexy cannot find peace even in Canada.

– What will be his life? When a thousand paparazzi on duty near your home in Canada, waiting for the moment to photograph your son, that is not very fine, – asked a rhetorical question the athlete.

Figueres has hinted that Harry was affected by how he treated his mother – Princess Diana.

– He protects his family, he protects his wife and child – he was the son of someone who survived the attack from the press. Knows firsthand what it’s like. Sure, he doesn’t want that to happen to his family, said a close friend of the grandson of the Queen. – He is the father. The guy who’s trying to protect her cub and the lioness from anything you need. He became an incredible man – so that his mother would be proud.

In 2019 Figueres also talked about Harry with the American presenter Ellen DeGeneres. Then he said that the Prince was faced with strong pressure from the media.

I saw how it all happens, from the very beginning, – said Figueres.

Each Duke added that Megan was “incredible woman”who “gave it all he had, to marry the man she loves“. Obviously, he was referring to the successful career of the actress and the relationship with the family. Wedding with Harry affected the relations of the Duchess with father Thomas and sister-Samantha. Last called Megan a liar. Thomas after scandal from-for refusal of Casekow from the authority said that the Royal family owed him.

According to media reports, after Megeta the Duchess not only return to the set, but will become even more popular, given the history in the Royal family. According to some reports, Megan has signed a contract with Disney. Her voice talking cartoon characters, and the proceeds allowed it to charity.


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