A Florida man stole $8 million for impersonating a Prince

Житель Флориды похитил $8 миллионов, выдавая себя за принца

Dozens of people have invested money in his Bank account.

Florida resident Anthony Gignac, 48, who was impersonating a member of the Saudi Royal family, Prince Khalid Bin al Saud, and stole from the citizens of $ 8 million, was sentenced on Friday to 18 years in prison, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on the most Important.

Gignac built an Empire of luxury on the island of Fisher island, surrounding himself with bodyguards, fake diplomats, and investors and sponsors.

The scammer went on the car “Ferrari” with diplomatic plates, was wearing a watch “rolex”, bracelets from Cartier and at the entrance to his penthouse in Miami was inscribed the word “Sultan”. The life of his pet Chihuahua named foxy, he described in detail in the social network “Instagram”. As a result, dozens of people believed this lie, and put money in his Bank account.

The article says that the fake Prince was an orphan who was adopted in 1977, the family from Michigan. In the course of the hearing counsel contended that fraud was outdated so injured from a homeless childhood in Colombia and divorce of foster parents.

Prince Khalid, whose name was used by the impostor most of his life, actually exists: it’s a 79-year-old Governor of the Saudi province of Mecca. Gignac repeatedly brought to criminal responsibility, and in 1991 the Los Angeles Times called him the “king of swindlers”.

The prosecution argued that the biggest scams of the “Prince” was launched in March 2017, when Gignac decided to buy a luxury property in Miami and offered owners $ 440 million. He showed them forged documents of the Central Bank of Dubai, allegedly provided him with a loan of $ 600 million.

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However, the “Saudi Prince” was weird – he ate pork, which is strictly forbidden by Islamic law. The owners have hired private investigators to spy on potential business partner, after which initiated the Federal investigation.

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