A flock of Risso dolphins spotted in Eilat

News » Life Style A pod of Risso dolphins spotted in Eilat

A pod of grappus dolphins, also known as the Risso dolphin, was spotted off the coast of Eilat on Saturday, according to the Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA). . This discovery, made by fisherman Eric Torgman, was reported by marine inspector Omri Omessi. Torgman spoke of a group of about 10 dolphins swimming close to the surface of the water near the Israeli-Egyptian border. According to INPA, local marine life experts were already aware of the existence of this pod, and they are easily recognizable due to the highly visible markings on the dorsal fins of some members of the troop. According to INPA, all marine mammals are considered protected species in Israel; citizens who encounter them in their natural habitat are advised to stay away from them and not attempt to feed or come into contact with them. People who encounter a distressed wild animal can call the hotline *3639.

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