A first gain of accuracy for the Marquis

Un premier gain de justesse pour les Marquis

The Marquis de Jonquière, have put their hands on a first victory this season, winning 5-4 against the Cool FM de Saint-Georges, Saturday evening, at the centre sportif Lacroix-Dutil.

The team of the League north american hockey had to wait until its fourth game in the regular season to enjoy a first gain, but it has almost escaped in the third, in a surge of Cool FM. The guardian jonquiérois Cédrick Desjardins has stopped 48 of 52 shots from Saint-Georges to his net, in front of a crowd of 1160 spectators.

Jonathan-Ismaël Diaby has scored two of the goals of the Marquis. At the end of the second period, the victory seemed to be easily within the reach of Jonquiérois, while leading 5-2. They have, however, had to stand in front of the onslaught of Cool FM, who shot 21 times in the third and found the back of the net on two occasions. Desjardins has had to multiply the stops. The tone has even mounted a few times in front of his goal, but the referees have controlled the situation.

The Marquis will return home next Friday, facing the 3L de Rivière-du-Loup.

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