A few players are already sparks

Quelques joueurs font déjà des étincelles

Although it is not definitive, the portrait of the Marquis de Jonquière calmly takes form at the dawn of the first official matches of the season as the Jonquiérois compete in Thetford on Friday and Rivière-du-Loup on Saturday.

Let’s say that a tough game last Saturday, Saint-Georges has already allowed some players to distinguish themselves. Gabryel Paquin-Boudreau (3 goals, 2 assists), Matthew Boudreau (2 goals, 1 assist) and Yannick Riendeau (4 assists) have made sparks fly all by scoring five of the six goals scored in a victory of 6-4 against the Cool FM, in addition to monopolize the honors for the stars of the match. The head coach of the Marquis, Benoit Gratton, will not therefore change a winning recipe.

“I hope that this is not only a fire of straw, but a flame that will last for a long time”, image he, laughing, adding that they do not give him the choice of keeping them together for the next two games.

Benoit Gratton is pleased with what he saw in preseason matchups against St. Georges. “All in all, I’ve seen beautiful things. The trio Boudreau/Paquin/Riendeau was nice to see, but I also really liked the duo defensive (Jonathan) Diaby and (Mathieu) Brisebois. These are two defenders who will put pucks at the net, who are not afraid to take shots. In Diaby who is left-handed and Brisebois who is right-handed, it’s going to give us many more options on the numerical advantage as in the past”, highlights the pilot Jonquiérois.

Gratton has also appreciated the work of Danick Paquette, who has easily been the best of Simon Desmarais during a short brawl. However, the head coach of the Marquis states that the contribution of Paquette will be certainly not to play the strong men. “This is not just a “goon”. It is a lot more important to our team than the strong men in the clubs enemy, ‘ stresses Gratton, who was paired with Alexandre Quesnel and Gabriel Lévesque last Saturday.

“Yes, (Paquette) will drop the gloves from time to time, but I don’t want the supporters believe that it will only fight against Dave Hamel or against opponents who do an attendance per game. It will play in our top-6 and I think it will be even more effective in his game to be robust to the failure in the battles. This is a guy who has nice skills and it will create a lot of space for our good players.”

The third trio to be composed by Jérémie Malouin, Jean-Sébastien Bérubé and Jean-Simon Allard. Defensively, in addition to the duo of Diaby/Brisebois, for the moment, Benoit Gratton should bet on pairs composed of Jason Bell and Vincent Richer, as well as Danick Malouin and Guillaume Rioux-Legault. The goaltender Cédrick Desjardins will be in front of the net.


Head coach Marquis recalls that the first games of the season will be used to better identify the potential of his troops and clubs opposing. “At this time of the year, during the first month, one learns to know the other configurations of the circuit. In addition, this year, there are a lot of young players in the league. (In our case), with all the new players that we have, I’m going to focus on our team more than on the other,”

On the other hand, the Marquis are always in talks with other players, which could result in the addition of one or two new entrants over the next few weeks.

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