A daring robbery took place in Moscow: the theft of the painting was on video

Дерзкое ограбление произошло в Москве: кража картины попала на видео

The theft of the painting Kuindzhi was contagious – another stolen piece of art

In the capital of Russia Moscow there was a daring robbery. Was stolen by another picture.

However, the theft was not from a Museum and not an art gallery and a restaurant. The painting was stolen from the restaurant, located in the city centre. The restaurant has an entourage of “antique” – in the premises of the Antiques and on the walls hang paintings, according to the Telegram channel Mash.

Дерзкое ограбление произошло в Москве: кража картины попала на видео

The canvas on which the thief had his eye belonged to the General Director of the institution, and worth a fabulous sum. However, the attacker managed cloth safely handle.

It is reported that the unknown quietly entered the restaurant, took a picture went out. Man detained nobody and did not ask a single question.

The offender is caught on CCTV camera installed at the entrance to the restaurant. So, a middle-aged man in a hat with a large POM-POM goes quietly, carrying a work of art.

Apparently, the thief was inspired by the acclaimed not so long ago, the theft of the painting Arkhip Kuindzhi from the Tretyakov gallery. There is an exhibition of works by Ukrainian artist. The thief also easy on the eyes of the numerous visitors went to the wall, removed the canvas and left. Connoisseur of creativity Kuindzhi admitted that he thought it “so be it” and took the perpetrator to be an employee of the gallery.

Curiously enough, the very Museum caretakers didn’t even notice what’s under their nose stole a priceless work of art. No pictures of the “AI-Petri. Crimea” was discovered accidentally by police arrived to a call about theft in the locker coats.

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It should be noted that Russian law enforcement authorities the next day found the robber and arrested him. He was a resident of the annexed Крыма32-year-old Denis Chuprikov, who came to Moscow to work. He had large debts and, apparently, by selling the paintings wanted to improve their financial condition. Chuprikova was arrested for two months.

Дерзкое ограбление произошло в Москве: кража картины попала на видео

As previously reported, all the stolen works by famous Ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk returned to the master. The case was on special control of the interior Ministry. That the artist received their work, said the adviser of Minister of internal Affairs Mikhail Apostol.

Note that the picture of 80-year-old Marchuk exhibited not only in Ukraine, but also abroad – in Lithuania, France, Germany, Poland, Belgium and other countries.

In 2007, the artist was included in the British rating “Hundred geniuses”.

We will remind that scandal with a painting by a famous artist Banksy, who self-destructed at auction, has received unexpected continuation.

As reported Politeka, from the Museum and stole the unique gold coin.

Also Politeka wrote that in Moscow “the Bulgakov house” was kidnapped by one of the Museum staff.

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