A dangerous illness threatens the Ukrainians: can detect hands and head

Опасная болезнь угрожает украинцам: могут обнаружить в руках и голове

Ukraine has discovered a new disease parasites

In a press-service of the Kherson regional laboratory center of the Ministry of health reported that in Kherson was 4 cases of infection with a rare type of parasites.

It is reported that from the skin of four patients, the doctors pulled the worms rare species, and the length of the largest of them reached 17 see rare species Of helminths four cases of dirofilariasis were registered in Kherson. All cases of local infection has resulted from mosquito bites. In addition, doctors said that worms were found in the hands of patients, as well as in the temporal region of the head.

Опасная болезнь угрожает украинцам: могут обнаружить в руках и голове

The doctors told me that all patients independently went to doctors for help. At the same time, they complained of burning, pain, swelling, itching, redness, as well as on the movement of parasites under the skin. All patients were successfully operated, the length of the learned doctors of parasites ranged from 10 to 17 cm.

As reported many reasons can cause cancer, the cause of which is not always possible to determine.

In order not to consider individual mutations, scientists, using the CRISPR technology, has created a special multivariate model. This development should demonstrate detailed picture of the various reasons for the development of cancer cells, writes Нvylya.net.

Scientists from USA have developed a special diagnostic model aimed at testing numerous genes and mutations simultaneously. This method allow to replace the monitoring of individual genetic damage in isolation. Through research collective effect of mutations can be used to achieve more detailed information about the causes of tumor development.

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Опасная болезнь угрожает украинцам: могут обнаружить в руках и голове

Also with the help of the developed model diagnostic can be simultaneously or sequentially to test genetic mutations, sometimes even combining them together. Ultimately, this will determine a more accurate variation of the causes of cancer.

“Patients may have not only specific gene mutations but also their combinations, so it is very important to simulate the development of tumors to more accurately guess the future outcome and potential of therapy and medication,” says researcher Kwon-Sik Park.

A team of scientists created a model is proposed on the example of small cell lung cancer — the most aggressive and fastest growing forms of lung cancer. The researchers also used a technique of gene editing CRISPR, to check the effect of cumulative mutations on tumor growth.

After the experiment it was found, what molecular changes occur in cells as a result of mutations.

The value of the discovery is confirmed by the scientific conclusions of another group of scientists, who investigated prostate cancer. They have developed a diagnostic approach based on genetic models that determines the characteristics of the tumor with an accuracy of over 90%.

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As reported Politeka, that the most popular among Ukrainians medicine causes cancer: who should be tested now.

Also Politeka wrote that created a universal vaccine against cancer: a revolutionary discovery.

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