A crime against pizzadom and the highest score ever: this…

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A crime against pizzadom and the highest score ever: this…

Erik Van Looy had to see for no less than fifteen years before he got actress Tine Embrechts in his quiz. Finally it worked, and how. There is also the disgust at a crime against pizzadom and the warning for Erik to think about his health.

Eva De Poorter

Today at 06:55

Tuesday night’s winner:

Although she doesn’t like quizzing and has said no for 15 years, Tine Embrechts wins impressively. She even breaks the record number of seconds.

She played a very decent game, but in the video round she really scored high. She nicked four keywords from Alexander Heyndrickx’s film about the death of The Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, and she was able to add two more answers to Meyfroidt’s fragment about F*** you very, very much. And then her video had yet to come. She quickly managed to list all five keywords about tennis star Naomi Osaka and her exit from Roland Garros after mental problems.

Embrechts, for example, lands at 667 seconds, improving the previous record of Het Nieuwsblad editor-in-chief Liesbeth Van Impe by two seconds.

The loser:

Hockey player Alexander Heyndrickx is tactically very strong in the final, but against Geert Meyfroidt he has to lose out again. When asked what the names of the animals Mowgli encounters in Jungle book are, three answers are enough for the intensivist.

Wednesday night’s newcomer:

The Dutch singer of ‘Hou je bek en bef me’, Merol.

The best quotes:

Embrechts was previously asked to participate by Erik Van Looy: “I once said yes, but then canceled. I said give me until Monday. I went to the bathroom at 4:30 on Sunday night to text him.”


Jennifer Heylen: “Is it true that when you go into anesthesia, the students feel the prostate?”

Meyfroidt: “No, I don’t know where that myth comes from.”

Van Looy: Where did the interest in the prostate come from?

Heylen: Everyone should be interested in the prostate. You certainly Erik, at your age!

The most beautiful moment:

Some people are sensitive to pineapple on pizza. But in The smartest person it went a little further. In the photo round, pizzas were shown with very dubious toppings. Such as kiwis, figs and floats. Jennifer Heylen puts it the way we feel too: Some people really want to see the world burn. If you do something like that, I really blame them.”

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