A court in Kyiv has sentenced the killer of the military

В Киеве суд вынес приговор убийце военного

He will go to jail for life.

Kyiv court of appeal sentenced to life imprisonment of the citizen who killed the soldier, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to kiev.sq.com.ua.

The crime was committed on April 25 in Darnytskyi area. An attacker for profit attacked the taxi driver and inflicted the wound in the neck. Then he killed 43-year-old officer of the armed forces, which had met on the road, leaving the scene of the crime. The officer died from a stab wound.

Darnitskiy district court of Kiev sentenced the killer to life in prison. However, the convict did not agree with this decision and filed an appeal. The court of appeal upheld the decision of the court of first instance.

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