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 Casino Inc Game Brief

Modern computer games – these are not only traditional «walkers» and «shooters». Simulators are no less popular today, with the help of which you can create the space of your dreams and enjoy being inside it. Among the most popular options is Casino Inc, a detailed description of which can be found here www.casino.forum.

To the world of green cloth!

Casino Inc is a kind of economic simulator with which you can create the casino of your dreams. In this case, you will act as the owner of the gaming house, who will have to recruit staff, purchase equipment, create comfortable conditions for visitors, conduct an advertising campaign and prepare development strategies.

The main goal of the player is to promote and development of your institution. To do this, he has at his disposal all sorts of tools and ways to attract visitors.

Where does it all begin?

At the very beginning, you will have to decide on the level of difficulty. It will predetermine the cities that will be available for you to place the casino. Each locality presents a certain range of opportunities and challenges. When choosing a city, you also determine the maximum number of visitors allowed, the number of competing establishments, the level of income that can be generated, and so on.

If you have never used such simulators before, it is better to start with the simplest option.

Next, you will have to choose a building at the auction in which the establishment will be located, purchase equipment for its arrangement and hire staff.

At first, the system will give you simple tasks. But as you move forward, the level will increase, and the tasks – get more complicated.

You set the rules!

The rules by which the casino will operate are determined only by you. The owner decides for which contingent the services of the gambling house will be available. This parameter predetermines not only the level of income, but also the problems that will be encountered in the process of cooperation with the selected category of visitors.

To attract new visitors, you can run advertising campaigns or make special offers to potential customers. For example, you can launch a special bus route around the city that will deliver visitors directly to the doors of the casino.

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