A boat with tourists sank in the Pacific Ocean, there are dead and missing

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 A boat with tourists sank in the Pacific Ocean, there are dead and missing

At least four people have died and several are missing after an Ecuadorian ship sank off the Galápagos Islands in the Pacific, Ecuadorian officials said on Monday. Three Israelis were among the dozens saved.

The Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs initially identified the victims as two Ecuadorians, a Colombian and an American. The names of the victims were not released.

The Ecuadorian Ministry said it was working with the consulates of those countries to “provide all necessary support”.

There were 37 people on board the boat, including three Israeli citizens and foreign citizens from Germany, Spain, the United States and Switzerland, a local official said.

Reports indicated that four passengers were missing. 30 people, including Israeli passengers, were safely rescued by emergency services.

According to emergency services, the ship was carrying passengers between Santa Cruz and Isabela Island.

conditions were difficult, which may explain the accident”, — Ángel Yanes, the mayor of Santa Cruz Island, which is part of the archipelago, told local media.

Local TV station Teleamazonas reported that the boat had run out of fuel and had mechanical problems. Other media say that the boat may have been overloaded and that this is the direct responsibility of the ship's crew. The Santa Cruz Harbor Master's office said most of the boat's passengers were not wearing life jackets and that the boat was going too fast.

The archipelago, about 1,000 kilometers off the coast of Ecuador, is a World Natural Heritage Site. and an important tourist attraction. He is known for inspiring the English naturalist Charles Darwin to develop the theory of evolution.

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