97-year-old TikTok user Holocaust survivor receives terrible anti-Semitic messages

97-year-old TikTok user Holocaust survivor receives terrible anti-Semitic messages

Lily ebert She is one of the longest-lived users of TikTok. The woman who lives in London he is 97 years old and in your profile in said social network He usually uploads videos recounting the experiences lived during the Holocaust, in the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz.

Lily’s TikTok account has nearly 90,000 followers, which she launched with the help of one of her great-grandchildren. The intention of this old woman is to tell her experiences with the intention of helping to curb hatred between human beings.


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For its not enough, Ebert has become a “double survivor”, since he not only lived through the horrors of the Holocaust, the woman also managed to survive the coronavirus after being infected a couple of months ago.


My family story – hear from 97-year-old Holocaust, Auschwitz survivor, Lily Ebert. #holocuast #memory #neverforget #survivor #hearmystory #remember #u

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In recent days, after the conflict between Israel and Palestine has intensified, which has brought with it different bombings in the Gaza Strip, Lily has sent different messages to make a call for peace and a cease-fire; However, Some TikTok users are not taking the situation seriously and have been able to send anti-Semitic messages to this elderly woman.

“Happy Holocaust” and “Peace be with Hitler” are some of the messages that some people have left in their different videos.


#holocaustsurvivor describes her #youngersister who was #murdered in the #gaschambers of Auschwitz, just for being Jewish. #sad #love #family # 97 #u

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Dov Forman, who is Lily’s great-grandson and is in charge of managing her TikTok account, posted on her Twitter account a letter denouncing this terrible situation.

“In recent days, my great-grandmother (Auschwitz survivor) and I have continued to receive hate messages on Tiktok and Twitter. We will not allow this to prevent us from educating about the horrors of the past, and what hatred can do. Hate only begets hate, ”his great-grandson Dov Forman wrote in the tweet, along with the screenshot of the terrible messages received by his great-grandmother.

Despite this unfortunate situation that many other users have already denounced to try to get them to block those who have left such unfortunate comments, both the woman and her great-grandson wish to continue their mission of educating younger generations about the Holocaust .

In fact, Lily previously published a book called Lily’s Promise: How I Survived Auschwitz and Found the Strength to Live, with which she wants to raise awareness in the new generations. in order to seek a world without hatred.

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