95 new immigrants from Ethiopia arrived in Israel after a long break

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 95 new immigrants from Ethiopia arrived in Israel after a long break< /p>

Ninety-five new immigrants from Ethiopia landed in Tel Aviv after a break of several months, trying to transport the remaining members of the community to Israel.

The flight is part of the action on family reunification, supported by the Jewish Agency and Keren HaYesod.

Over the decades, the government has undertaken several operations to resettle Ethiopian Jews in the country. In 1991, Operation Solomon; transported more than 14,300 returnees from Ethiopia on 35 flights in 36 hours, the largest such operation to date. The Jewish Agency helped approximately 95,000 Ethiopians make aliyah to Israel.

who are eligible for repatriation.

The current operation, which began in September 2020, aims to bring 3,000 Ethiopians to Israel, who have been waiting for years in transit camps in Gondar and Addis Ababa.

But efforts have been blocked several times by the Ethiopian civil war and political instability in Israel.

“It's always incredibly touching to welcome the Ethiopian Olim to Israel as they live out their dream of reaching to Jerusalem and be reunited with their families”, — said Doron Almog, chairman of the Jewish Agency.

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