90-year-old raped at nursing home in Beersheba

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 A 90-year-old woman who cannot speak was raped in a nursing home in Beersheba

The Southern District Prosecutor's Office has submitted an indictment to the Beersheba District Court against 44-year-old Gabr Baz from Ashkelon, who is accused of raping a 90-year-old woman living in the house nursing home where he worked.

“Grandma didn’t talk for many years because of her condition,” the granddaughter said, “but you can see in her eyes what she went through. We saw that she was suffering and crying, crying a lot. We haven't seen her like this before. We saw how scared she was and how hurt she was. I asked myself: why does she tremble when you touch her? What is happening to her? Today she is better, but she does not speak, she cannot say anything.

According to the granddaughter, the nursing home bears its share of the blame. “They didn't think it could happen to them, they found out it happened right under their noses,” she said. “I don't know how many times he entered her room, and perhaps he attacked, again and again, other women. Didn't that make them suspicious? There are many unanswered questions.

The indictment filed by attorney Alex Dernboim alleges that Baza worked as a health worker at a nursing home in Ashkelon. By virtue of his position, he was entrusted with the responsibility for the life support, health and well-being of an elderly woman.

In November, during one of the night shifts in which he worked, he entered the room where the elderly woman was , and raped her with some object. As a result of his actions, she experienced an internal rupture. In the morning, the bleeding was discovered by the medical staff who were treating the elderly woman. She was rushed to the hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery and required a blood transfusion.

According to the indictment, Baz is charged with aggravated rape and grievous bodily harm to a helpless person by the person responsible.

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