84-year-old man is waiting for the day he can leave his home again

 84 year old man waiting for the day he can leave his home again

For a year and a half, Moshe Tzafrir from Ashkelon has been unable to leave the door of his room on the 6th floor of the old house where he lived most of his life.
Moshe has been suffering from dementia for a long time, which prevents him from walking. The man needs a special wheelchair that will fit in the house's old elevator, and the cost of such a device is very high.

light outside his room.

In recent years, going outside is carried out only on an MDA carrier when a man is sent for inpatient treatment.

The family also received a certificate for obtaining an adapted chair 7 months ago.

“Every time I call, they tell me the chair is on a ship and on its way to Israel,” Moshe's daughter Lizzy says. – In the meantime, the father does not get out of bed and just melts.
What are they waiting for? When will he die?”

Lizzy contacted the Ministry of Health and the Ashkelon Department of Health, but received no response to her questions. She also turned to another supplier who works with the Ministry of Health, but the other company does not have such wheelchairs. “They advised us to move him to another apartment or build a special staircase for him in the building,” says Lizzy.

Ministry of Health response: “In April 2021, Moshe Tzafrir was provided with a wheelchair adapted to his needs. At the time of delivery, the family signed for the device. A few months later, another appeal was received, stating that the chair was not suitable for the reason that it did not fit into the elevator. It should be noted that these are very small lift dimensions and there was no wheelchair available in the country that would fit the requested size. In light of the above, it was necessary to find a unique solution and explore the possibility of importing a special wheelchair. Unfortunately, the process of importing to Israel is being delayed. In recent days, a test has been carried out on a wheelchair that will be imported specially for him, and we will make every effort to provide it to the applicant as soon as possible”.

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