8 Dec – the memory of Pope Clement I

In Orthodoxy, it is revered as one of the first Christian preachers.

8 грудня -  пам&#039ять папи Римського Климента I

Women on climate sit spin at the window, reports Rus.Media…

This day is celebrated in memory of Pope Clement I, one of the seventy apostles. In Orthodoxy, it is revered as one of the first Christian preachers.

Historical evidence of the Clement remained small. According to Orthodox hagiography, written later, Clement was descended from a noble Roman family. Shortly after the boy’s birth, his parents and his three sons went by sea to Athens, but had an accident. All five survived, but lost each other. Growing up, Clement began to look for the answer to the question of what happens to people after death (because they thought their loved ones dead), and so came to Christianity. After baptism the young man managed to find his brothers, father and mother.

“Climate control winter fight fire with fire” — said our ancestors were preparing to cold. To this day, there were several specific sayings: “Clement frost poured white roses”; “Clement of frost at the man tears blows”. However, if this day is before the roosters began to sing, it meant a quick thaw.

Klimentyev in day of any important case was supposed to begin only on an empty stomach. This custom was associated with the continuation of the threshing-floor: do this work on a full stomach was uncomfortable, the traffic was heavy, chained. Women on climate sit spin at the window — from white snow in the house became lighter.

The particular belief has been associated with people that were born on this day. Said in the house born on the climate control going to the wolves. So this man tried once again not to leave the house, especially after dark.

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