8 Dec – international day of the artist

It is a celebration of not only the professionals of this art, but also art lovers.

8 грудня -  Міжнародний день художника

December 8 is celebrated as international day of the artist , which was founded in 2007 by the International Association “art of the peoples of the world.” This is not the only date associated with the profession of the artist. Ukraine celebrates the day in October. Some creative enterprises offer the celebration of 25 October, the birthday of Pablo Picasso , what the masters and connoisseurs of painting considered the greatest painter of the 20th century. But we don’t mind: let there be more reason to congratulate those who bear the beauty of art in our lives. The artist’s day is a celebration not only of professionals and art lovers. Creativity saves the person the opportunity to enjoy peace and to love him. Therefore today’s feast for all lovers of beauty.

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